There are still only a few people in Italy who use the computer for the realization of artworks, and amongst these, a prominent position goes to Edward Zajec who has already garnered many remarkable international acknowledgments.

His choices, amongst the multiple data that the machine puts at his disposal, are always accurate, and this is already an indisputable merit that involves a determination, proffering a certainty that bypasses all risk and leaves no margin to chance.

The action then proceeds without clashes, being actually induced by the forces and appearances of the generative process that are configured in rhythmic succession.

It is therefore important to note that even though not everything reaches the perceptive field, the work reveals, and this is certain, an internal dynamic by which an image generates another without the intervention of any external forces that would be other than those called and willed specifically by the author.

Umbro Apollonio

From the catalogue presentation for the personal exhibition at the Forum Gallery, Trieste, Italy 1977
lmc image
LMC 2995598, 1977, alphanumeric print, 42.5x42.5cm, Computer: CDC6600