Computers and Visual Research

Since the general scheme remains basic in the generation of computer graphics art with a digital computer, a separate generator of random choices can be included in the working out of data.

Thus elements of random choice can be brought in, and the dimensions, direction and total number of objects shown (circles, squares, lines etc.) can be controlled.

Various random numbers appear during the process, and so a large number of drawings, all different, can be realized with the same programme. Today this method is the most widespread.

The artistic expression of this type of computer graphic art (carried out by realizers) is abstract (Compos 68, A. M. France, H. Kawano, A. Lecci, P. Milojevic, F. Nake, G. Ness, M. A. Noll, R.J. Stibs, E. Zajec and others).

Boris Kelemen

From the tendecies 4 Computers and Visual Research international exhibition, at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 1968--1969
lmc image
RAM 15, 1969 india ink on ComPlot paper 30 x 21cm
Computer: IBM 1620 Plotter: ComPlot DP-1