Boliou Exhibitor Zajec Seeks "Uniformity in Variety"

In his paintings and lithographs, Zajec does not attempt to portray particular subjects. Instead he builds his compositions through the repetition of shapes.In the main body of his work now on display, he makes use of one particular shape. According to Zajec, this form is no better than any other as an element of composition.

This development in Zajec's work culminates in prints and paintings done this year before he came to Carleton. These works are meant to be seen from any side. He repeats the form in all four directions and in multiple colors. There is no overall focus in the work although there is great activity created in the small figures which seem to dance in and out of focus. This is what Zajec calls "everything and nothing". The work appears to have an overall uniformity, yet it is a unformity created out of variety.

Zajec feels with these works that he has gone as far as he can within this particuar venue. He has begun now to experiment with computer programming. His most recent lithograph was created in simulation of a computer's random selection. He now plans to experiment with similar work using the computer itself.

Within this show an artistic idea can be followed from beginning to end. The artist has explord a single idea to its conclusion. The exploration is fascinating.

Maygene Frost

M. Frost: The Carletonian, Vol. 88, No. 9, Northfield, Minnesota, November 14, 1968
lmc image
Untitled, 1968, 150 x 150cm Oil on Canvas