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Zajec and Coral at San Silvestro

The visual art of Edward Zajec celebrated its union with the serial music of Giampaolo Coral in the ancient Evangelical Church of San Silvestro.

Hopefully, this joyful event, the first of a series of artistic manifestations gathered under the title Trieste Prima, will bode well, both, for the cultural activity of the city in general, and in particular for the activity that the newly-formed association for contemporary music Chromas intends to carry out with the contribution of the major composers of the Alpe-Adria region.

The title Chromas has been borrowed from the inaugural video of the artist and fellow citizen Edward Zajec who moved to the US seven years ago.

The idea for the collaboration was hatched during one of Zajecs previous visits. It was on that occasion that the two elaborated a project for a video that would see the computer notes flow by in parallel with the sounds of maestro Corals Seconda Sonata for piano. The success obtained at the San Silvestro performance only goes to reconfirm the exceptionality of the work.

Aldo Castelpietra

From the review: Zajec e Coral a San Silvestro, Il Piccolo, Trieste, Italy June 9, 1987
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Chromas, 1984, Music Giampaolo Coral: Seconda Sonata, Piano: Corrado Gulin, Hardware: Ithaca Inter Systems CB 121 800 Microprocessor with a SCION Microangelo CS-5060 Color System, Software: CP/M OS and Pascal