Scherzo for Matrix and Figures

Computer Graphics Gallery: Edward Zajec

The second program is 'Scherzo for Matrix and Figures', which is likewise based on the overlap of geometrical elements, but also stresses the compositional and spatial aspects.

The essential thing here is that the initial arrangement is not given in a graphical form, but stands as a scheme for the next phase of analysis in which the relationships between cells are established, always in accordance with some predetermined aesthetic rules.

In so doing, Edvard Zajec considered L. Rapkines article 'Notes for a Scientific Theory of Aesthetics' (Leonardo 3, 1970, S. 351). The first part of the process sets up the data for the overall scheme, which in turn provides the data for the final realization.

In the resulting pictures he has documented one of the first achievements known to date, where information-theoretical ideas have been used for the production of artworks.

Herbert W. Franke

H. Franke: Computer Grafik Galerie, DuMont Buchverlag, Koln, 1984
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SMF II 4429937 110, CDC 6300, 563 Calcomp Plotter, 1977